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Why to chose Shanli?

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Why to chose Shanli?
Issue Time:2017-04-28
1.Air dryer gas liquid separator uses a three-stage separation: direct collision separation high speed centrifugal
separation stainless steel wire mesh demister separator. 
2.Domestic evaporator welding is basically using copper pipe welding, distribution pipe and collecting pipe
welding contact surface is small, poor welding strength and easily lead to false welding. We use the domestic
latest pull whole process, a great increase in the copper welding surface. It resolves the evaporator leakage
problem in present market basically. 
3.The new designed air dryer uses stainless steel triple plate or alloy aluminum plate to replace the traditional
carbon steel material, avoid the secondary pollution problems from carbon steel corrosion and reduce the risk of
leakage. Greatly enhance the product performance, reduce the size of equipment, but also bring visual aesthetics
to the customer.

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