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Plate fin type and Shell tube type heat exchanger

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Plate fin type and Shell tube type heat exchanger
Issue Time:2017-06-02

Old DesignShell-tubeheat exchanger with big size and low efficient

New Design

Aluminum plate fin type heat exchanger with highefficient and compact design

2017 New Design Refrigerated Air Dryer:


2.Max air inlet temp:60 C(High temp type with 80 C)

3.Max ambient temp:50 C

4.Dew Point:3-5C

5.Compressor:Hitachi,Panasonic or Bitzer


7.Hot gas by pass valve:Danfoss

8.Automatic expansion valve:Danfoss

9.Heat Exchanger:Aluminum Plate Fin Type

10.Drainer:Electronic drainer

11.OEM and ODM service is available.


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