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Shanli attend PCVExpo in October

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Shanli attend PCVExpo in October
Issue Time:2018-11-14

PCVExpo showcases compressors for the following INDUSTRIES:

  • Compressors for:
    • Gas production, transportation and processing
    • Oil production and petroleum refining
    • Metallurgy industry
    • Polymeric materials production and paper industry
    • Fertilizers production
    • Mining industry
    • Pneumatic plants

PCVExpo showcases the following TYPES OF COMPRESSOR EQUIPMENT:

  • Mobile and handheld compressor units
  • Motor compressors
  • Air conditioning units Auxiliary and special equipment, systems
  • Systems of automation, diagnostics and monitoring
  • Pneumatic systems, equipment and tools
  • Sealing machinery
  • Filters

Shanli attend PCVExpo for 2 years

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