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What is the working principle of refrigerated air dryer?

What is the working principle of refrigerated air dryer?

Update Time:2020-11-21

Normally compressed air water vapor content is determined by the temperature of the compressed air; keeping the pressure of compressed air in the case of unchanged, it can reduce the compressed air in the water vapor content which reducing the temperature of the compressed air, and the excess water vapor condenses into a liquid. The freeze dryer for drying compressed air refrigeration technology is adopted by this principle. Therefore, the Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryer is with cooling system.

Shanli refrigerated air dryer based on the relationship between the saturation water vapor pressure and temperature, refrigerated air dryer can effciently precipitate water from compressed air with the usage of refrigeration device to cool the compressed air to a certain dew point temperature. Then the water will be discharged by separator and auto water drain to make the compressed air dired.

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