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Compressed air purification industry really needs drying equipment

Compressed air purification industry really needs drying equipment

Dec 8,2017
In modern industrial enterprises, many enterprises are still maintaining the inherent mode of production line, do not want to dare not try, worried that once their own decision-making error, it will lead their business to the fate of collapse, would rather be in place, do not want to Nothing at all. But actually, when others are making progress, you are standing still, which is tantamount to being at the edge of your step by step destruction.
Compressed air, as the second largest power behind the electric power, has many good features and easy to use features, which is why many companies choose compressed air. However, the compressed air is not a flaw at all, on the contrary, the poorly handled compressed air will bring huge economic losses to the enterprise.
Compressed air contains a lot of harmful substances (including water vapor, liquid water, oil mist, liquid oil, microorganisms, particulate impurities, rust, etc.), untreated compressed air direct application, will lead to reduced productivity, equipment, functional deterioration , Loss of aerodynamics, increase in product rejects, production equipment failures, shortened equipment life, and so on. This shows how important it is to clean and dry compressed air.
The current compressed air treatment methods, the filter is the use of filters on the particulate impurities, oil droplets and part of the liquid water filtration, the initial processing of compressed air. The lower end of the traditional filter plugged filter, impurities will gather in the filter inside, the filter then penetrate to the bottom of the filter cavity, through the automatic drain discharge. However, the solid particles can not seep out of the filter element and adhere to the inner wall of the filter element, increasing the resistance to compressed air and infiltrating water droplets that may be taken away by the compressed air again.
Freeze-drying is the use of cold and dry machine to cool the compressed air at high temperature, the saturated water content decreased from high temperature to low temperature, part of the water will condense into liquid water, discharged through the automatic drainage. However, due to its working principle and structure, the refrigerant evaporation temperature is not allowed below 2 ℃, otherwise it will freeze and block the pipeline, and the efficiency of heat transfer and water diversion efficiency determine the true dew point of its outlet can not reach the evaporator settings Value, if you want to get a lower dew point, you will inevitably need to increase the refrigerant compressor power, which will not only increase the procurement cost of the dryer but also increase its operating costs, the current measured dew point in most applications at 20 ~ 35 ℃ Between, and entrain a lot of liquid water.
Adsorption dryer is mainly the use of absorbent properties of the absorbent, through the principle of pressure swing adsorption, adsorption of moisture in the compressed air at high partial pressure, analysis and regeneration at low partial pressure, recycling, resulting in dry compressed air, generally Pressure dew point up to -20 ℃ ~ -70 ℃. However, at present, the main type of double-tower or combination twin-tower adsorption dryer used in China is that the adsorbent filling is difficult to form tightly, the tunnel effect is easy to cause the performance is not up to standard, the energy consumption is large, and the secondary replacement of the adsorbent is difficult to fill.

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