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What are the measures for the maintenance of the cold dryer?

What are the measures for the maintenance of the cold dryer?

Jan 15,2018

The cold drying machine is a kind of equipment which USES the cooling condensation to dry the compressed air. It is mainly composed of three parts: heat exchange system, refrigeration system and electric control system. What are the methods of maintenance of the air dryer?

First. The filter core and the built-in filter core of the machine are replaced regularly, and the normal conditions are replaced once a year. Person, electrical and mechanical exhaust every day to check the drainage, clean out a week apart, usually a year or so change valve core, or a flat, undrained conditions change, usually about half a year recommend replacing, discharge condensate.

Second, must check filter drainage situation before and after the person every day, not configure automatic drainer required manual discharge time, one hour such as configuration, since the row every day to check whether normal discharge drainer.

Three, person who drain valve open emissions once a day, conducive to the impurity within the pipe, the machine in time, to prevent clogging drainer drainage, when open the hand valve must note, should slowly open and prevent emissions hurt themselves and the safety of others.

Four, daily check the electrical components in the electric cabinet, regularly make dust removing processing when necessary, suggest cleaning once a month, every time check electrical components wiring the tighten situation, if there are any loose should tighten in time, prevent excessive current and burn out electrical appliances.

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