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Pure Brightness Festival

Pure Brightness Festival

Mar 23,2018
Pure Brightness Festival is one of China's important traditional festivals. It is not only a festival for people to commemorate their ancestors and cherish martyrdom, but also a link between the Chinese nation and the ancestors. It is even more important to recognize the ancestors. Look at your own shortcomings, correct yourself, and drive future generations. Inspire the value of life, remove dead leaves from the ancestors, retain new shoots that can be learned, and promote positive energy. For generations, the date of revision is clear and the Gregorian calendar is April 4-6 each year.
The Ching Ming Festival has a history of more than 2,500 years. In ancient times, it was also called the Youth Day, the March Day, the Ancestral Day, the Grave Festival, the Grave, and the Ghost Festival. [1] It was the Chinese New Year Festival on July 15 and the Winter Festival on the first day of October. It is also known as China's three famous "Ghost Festival." Around the fifth of the Gregorian calendar, the Ching Ming Festival was one of the 24th solar terms. Among the 24 solar terms, only Qingming is a solar festival.

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