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Zero purge Blower adsorption air dryer for air compressor

Zero purge Blower adsorption air dryer for air compressor

Zero purge Blower adsorption air dryer for air compressor
Zero purge Blower adsorption air dryer for air compressorZero purge Blower adsorption air dryer for air compressorZero purge Blower adsorption air dryer for air compressorZero purge Blower adsorption air dryer for air compressorZero purge Blower adsorption air dryer for air compressor
CategoriesDesiccant air dryer
Air inlet temperature5-45°C
Air inlet prseeure0.6-1.0MPa
Air consumption0
Pressure dew point-40°C (standard type)
Inlet oil content<=0.1PPM
Pressure loss≤3% of inlet pressure
Place of originHangzhou, China
CertificationCE CCC ISO9001
PowerPLC control
ColorDepend on your requirement
FOB portShanghai & Ningbo
Terms of PaymentL/C, T/T
Update TimeJun 21,2024
Detail Information


1.The inlet and outlet temperature difference of pre-cooler is 3 C, which is much more better than the similar products and minimize     the outlet relative humidity and avoid condensation in the pipings.

2.Outlet compressed air relative humidity is low, the below air pipe surface without Condensation phenomenon.

  The pre-coolerreclaim nearly 90% compressed air, and greatly reduces the evaporator load, so the power consumption of the    refrigerant compressor is low, only 70% of the normal one. 

3.Friendly refrigerant is adopted for all series dryers.

  Security and Reliability

  Multiple overload protection.

  Newest CE certificate.

Working Principle

     For added energy savings, it uses a high efficiency blower to take in ambient air required during the heat regeneration cycle to desorb moisture from the desiccant, no compressed air is used during this phase. 

     Dry compressed air is used during the dry air cooling regeneration period for reduced heat and dew point spike at tower switchover. This amounts to an average process air use of 3% of the rated capacity of the dryer. 

  Technical Specification of Zero Purge Consumption Type
ModelAir CapacityConnection  DiameterHeater  PowerBlower  PowerBlower FanDesiccant WeightEquipment WeightDevice  Size
(Mm3/min)cfmKWKW(Nm/min)   (kg)     (kg) mm
SDXG-20I   22775DN65121.753.660620002110×1100×2470

Our  Company

Shanli is a CE and ISO 9001:2008 certificated leading air dryer manufacture in China with more than 20 year experience

with the most 26 patents.Shanli has been the supporting supplier for Atlas,Boge and Ingersoll Rand.We are already

make export to 20 different countries and worldwide as active, mainly Middle East and Europe.

Company Information

Hangzhou Shanli Purify Equipment Corporation is an enterprise specialized in design, development

and production of compressed air dryers, filters and other purification equipments. Our company has a workshop of 

30, 000 square meters and more than 300 staff. Shanli has become one of the largest refrigerated air dryer manufacturers

in the Chinese purification industry with the top sales turnover. Our self-design and self-made equipment is compatible with many

famous brands of air compressor to efficiently remove water, oil and dustfrom compressed air. 

Shanli provides a complete product line:

Refrigeration Compressed Air Dryer

Air cooled refrigeration air dryer,water cooled refrigeration air dryer,normal temperature refrigeration air

dryer and high temperatuer refrigeration air dryer.

Adsorption Air Dryer

Shanli provide Heatless Adsorption air dryer,heated adsorption air dryer,Heat of Compression Adsorption air dryer

and Blower Purge adsorption air dryer.

Energy saving Products

It includes Zero purge Heat of Compression adsorption air dryer,Zero purge Blower Purge Adsorption air dryer and 

Combined type air dryer

Other Products

This series include Precooling machine, Industry Water chiller, Heat recovery system, compressed air filter and air filter element.

And Shanli refrigerated air dryers are widely used in industry such as Metallurgy industry,machinery industry,chemical fiber,light industry,

paper making,rubber making,instrument making, Biomedical Industry and daily chemical industry.

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