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The difference between the refrigerent dryer and adsorption dryer.

The difference between the refrigerent dryer and adsorption dryer.

Mar 8,2018
Refrigerent dry dryers, the word difference, there may be a world of difference. As the saying goes "the least difference, absurdly miles." Please also pay attention to the difference between the two (cold dryer and dryer) at the time of purchase.
1, no compressed air consumption: most users of compressed air dew point requirements are not very high, such as the use of cold and dry machine than using a dryer to save energy;
2. No-valve wear: The dryer has the problem of switching valves. Although cold-drying machines also have valve parts, there is basically no wear problem.
3, do not need to add regularly, change adsorbent;
4, low operating noise; suction dryer with adsorption tower pressure relief noise, in the air pressure room, generally can not hear the operation noise of the dryer;
5, daily maintenance is relatively simple, as long as the automatic drainage filter can be cleaned on time;
6. The requirement for the pre-treatment of the air source is not high, and the general oil-water separator can meet the requirement of the air-cooler for the intake air quality.
Compared with the adsorption dryer, the compressed air "pressure dew point" after the dryer treatment can only reach above 0 ℃, so the gas drying depth is far less than the dryer.
Classified by adsorbent regeneration method:
There are two adsorption dryer
Mainly can be divided into non-thermal regeneration adsorption dryer and heat regeneration adsorption dryer two. Because there is no heat-adsorption dryer is based on isothermal adsorption work, also known as "pressure swing adsorption" has a heat-adsorption dryer is based on equal pressure adsorption work, also known as "temperature adsorption." In practical use, there is a so-called micro thermal dryer. In terms of form, the micro thermal regeneration dryer also heats the regeneration gas, but because it uses a regeneration gas that is derived from its own low moisture content Air, so it is also a "pressure swing adsorption" dryer.

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